Bisexual barber and his makeup artist wife from Syracuse love to watch porn featuring naked babes

Peter Donovan owns 3 hair salons in Syracuse, New York. He is a barber himself and his wife is a makeup artist. Both are tattoeed and they both love to watch porn featuring girls with tattoos.

Peter also writes a sex blog where he claims that a few studios controlling the 80% internet porn, making the same old boring videos with the same old loud moaning women over and over again with same script really paved the way for the independent chicks coming out as the porn producers. He adds that Rachel Steele, Mistress T aka Missa X and Lady Fyre’s efforts and success in the field really deserve an applause.

Peter brags about having pimped his own wife for over a year. He claims that the men who always talk or talked against in the past against making money off a woman, really missed out on one of the best things in life. He says that there is nothing better than getting rich-off selling a woman’s ass and asking her to cook something for you once she is back riding other men’s dongs.

Peter warns against using China-made lubes and condoms as well. He claims that using one such lube gave him and his wife itching for 2 months straight.

Peter says that he once stayed celibate for 7 weeks straight, only to develop ulcers in his stomach. He has been Anti-Celibacy ever since.

Peter misses the times when he used to be 23. He says that his sexual libido was at its peak back then. He really could maintain an erection for hours at a time back then.

Sexy Dungaree or a Sexy Lingerie? A Pornstar wife or a Soap Opera Actress?

I always prefer my wife in a sexy dungaree over a sexy lingerie. One of the styles of such dungarees I liked so much that I bought 15 of the same in 15 different colors that it was available in. She loves to wear that as well as she feels too sexy when she looks sexy to my eyes.

Whenever my wife is on the top of me, she loves to wear a cowboy hat, she says that it gives her confidence.

Over the decades I have experienced that one of the ways to recognize a freakish woman is to check if she has an asymmetric face. If you are a virgin or you haven’t ever got a chance to fuck a woman with an asymmetric face, just watch the video of any pornstar with an asymmetric face, one of those being the infamous pale white chick – Sasha Banks.

I had a very strange and confused childhood growing up. My mother was a pornstar and an escort, my elder sister was a Catholic nun and my dad worked for the loan sharks.

I know several female pornstars personally and what I have come to learn knowing so many of them is the fact that there is not a single one of them , young or old, straight or bisexual, who is not willing to become a trophy wife of someone extraordinarily rich. The only pornstar that I know personally who got to achieve this dream of hers, personally, is Kiki Daire, but it didn’t last for long. She even stopped working in the porn movies throughout the time she was married to this extraordinarily rich gentleman.