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Jania Tumey from Adams County, North Dakota, is an Aspiring Poltician, LGBTQ Rights Activist and a Sex Blogger, who believes there should be ‘Escort Awards’ in every nation.

Jania says any genuine sex blogger from the United States of America would agree that the non-fictional sex books are better in almost every aspect than the fictional sex books.

Back when Jania was a teenager, she remembers how any woman or even a female teenager who shared any resemblance to a popular Hollywood female star used to be so proud of it, but she is glad that things have changed. While performing on Sex Webcams Stripchat, she gets to see fellow female live sex cam models that share resemblance with the biggest of the Hollywood and other movie stars, but don’t even acknowledge and they are all so humble without any exception.

Jania says she can name at least 10 beautiful female authors that recently turned live sex webcam models.

Jania believes there is a lot of demand and scope for the revenge and hate sex in porno. The producers need to understand to do it better. They have been doing a poor job in making revenge and hate porn and it has been so for decades now.

Jania’s husbad believes in pheromones. He says whenever Jania gains weight, her pheromones increase too. That’s one reason why she cancelled her gym membership.

One of the friends of Jania works for Naughty America claims the major porn studios have a major plan to destroy the business of independent pornstars like Brianna Beach, Mindi Mink, Korina Kova, etc; She says these ladies have been giving Naughty America nightmares.