November 2020

Spokane Valley Industrial Engineer Spends Every Night With His Korean BBW Girlfriend

Gregor Kittell is an Industrial Engineer and Sex Blogger from Spokane Valley, Washington, who writes that those who claim that nothing is impossible if you try hard enough and the same applies to the flexible sex positions, are either blessed with flexible bodies with themselves or are lying. He adds also it could be that they themselves have a flexible body and they never met a person with too much of a stiff body. He further adds whatever the case may be, such people need to get their facts right. He clarifies that he doesn’t have any complain with such dead tantric teachers like Psalm Isadora, but he definitely has it with the likes of Seema Anand and Mantak Chia, whom people listen to all day without taking a grain of salt.

Once you start watching Korean Porn, you wait for the night to come if that’s when you jerk off, all day long.

Gregor Kittell

Gregor believes women masturbate as much watching Korean Porn Movie as the men do and the growing number of NoFap Discord Servers and Subreddits are the proof.

Gregor dated a Korean Bodybuilder who looked just like the Indian BBW Comedian – Bharti Singh. This Korean Bodybuilder girlfriend of Gregor used to masturbate a lot. She was an adherent believer of the Hindu Shrutis, which encourages masturbation a lot.

Governments across the globe should make it illegal for any marriage to cross 15 years. It is a scientifically proven fact that a man and a woman regardless of how attractive they are and how much they are in love with each other, cannot have a healthy and happy sexual life after 15 years of having it. This is one of the most unnatural thing that the human species, especially the religious ones have to go through.

Gregor Kittell

Masculine Men Fucking MILFs After Taking A Cold Shower In Asian Porn

Pasquale Pugliese from Philadelphia is a sex blogger and a sales executive, who proudly confesses that he is addicted to smelling women’s farts, especially the older ones. He says he didn’t get addicted to it unless he started smelling his own stepmom’s farts who is one hot BBW that eats like a pig and then farts all day all night long. His stepmom knows about it all and together they enjoy Asian Porn videos with stepmoms and slut stepsisters.

Pasquale’s stepmom loves motorcycles. She bought her first one with the money she earned with selling bras and panties house to house.

Pasquale regularly takes cold showers. Usually, his cold showers last 10 minutes. He says cold showers are how a man showers. He says cold showers make him so masculine. He doesn’t even shiver in them anymore. He says that he can understand someone taking a hot shower if they are sick, but otherwise, a cold shower seems to be the manly and natural way to shower.

Pasquale had a huge crush on one of the HR women at his office. She is a fat woman and most men in the office say she is ugly. Pasquale never confessed to any of the co-workers that he finds her hot. He had sex with her due to a bad coincidence though. He once had to pay his rent and he was out of the money. He went to this fat HR woman asking if he could borrow some money from her. She told her only on the condition that he has sex with her that very night. She didn’t have an idea that it was Pasquale’s dream. They both enjoyed each other all night long. He did her 5 times and has been waiting for another call ever since.

Politician Compliments Live Sex Cam Models For Roleplaying Hate Sex Better Than The Pornstars

Jania Tumey from Adams County, North Dakota, is an Aspiring Poltician, LGBTQ Rights Activist and a Sex Blogger, who believes there should be ‘Escort Awards’ in every nation.

Jania says any genuine sex blogger from the United States of America would agree that the non-fictional sex books are better in almost every aspect than the fictional sex books.

Back when Jania was a teenager, she remembers how any woman or even a female teenager who shared any resemblance to a popular Hollywood female star used to be so proud of it, but she is glad that things have changed. While performing on Sex Webcams Stripchat, she gets to see fellow female live sex cam models that share resemblance with the biggest of the Hollywood and other movie stars, but don’t even acknowledge and they are all so humble without any exception.

Jania says she can name at least 10 beautiful female authors that recently turned live sex webcam models.

Jania believes there is a lot of demand and scope for the revenge and hate sex in porno. The producers need to understand to do it better. They have been doing a poor job in making revenge and hate porn and it has been so for decades now.

Jania’s husbad believes in pheromones. He says whenever Jania gains weight, her pheromones increase too. That’s one reason why she cancelled her gym membership.

One of the friends of Jania works for Naughty America claims the major porn studios have a major plan to destroy the business of independent pornstars like Brianna Beach, Mindi Mink, Korina Kova, etc; She says these ladies have been giving Naughty America nightmares.