October 2020

Writing Gay Novels with a Sikh FWB Sucking Your Dick With His Turban On = Heaven

Big Brain doesn’t always mean small dick.

Frederic Neau

Frederic Neau from Houston, Texas, is a gay sex blogger and playwright, who believes swallowing a few cloves of raw garlic along with some water before hitting the bed each night effectively treats medical conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. He claims to have told this to several of his old gay friends with erectile dysfunctions and the remedy worked like magic for each of those. Nowadays, these old guys are regularly found looking for gay men to fuck on https://singlescenedating.com/gay-hookup-sites/

Kink and leather go together like money and business.

Frederic Neau

Frederic owns one of the largest LGBTQ Discord servers and it is still growing faster than any other LGBTQ Discord servers.

Frederic is married to the brother of one of the most infamous Romanian Pornstars of all times – Sandra Romain. Unlike his sister, who is infamous for working in thousands of porn movies, he never decided to enter the porn industry although he has the face, the body, the sexual stamina and not to mention, a huge dick.

Semen Enema is the Best Enema.

Frederic Neau

Frederic claims Satsang is a completely new phenomena in the Indian Subcontinent; Before the Satsangs, there used to be SexSangs where they didn’t criticize or persecute same-sex sexual activities and gay-trains used to be a very common sight in those SexSangs.

Men with extreme agile bodies generally have very stiff dicks.

Frederic Neau

Frederic believes the surveys that claim homosexuals like to see themselves twice in the mirror as much on an average compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

Frederic writes after receiving Blowjobs from hundreds of different gay and bisexual men belonging to different races and nationalities, he has come to the conclusion that Russian and Italian men suck it the best followed by their Romanian Gypsy counterparts.

There was a time when Frederic used to write gay sex novels as a hobby and during that time, he used to have a Sikh Gay Friend with Benefits who was so dedicated to his religion that he used to keep wearing that turban when giving Frederic a head.

When at the age of 22, Frederic opened up to his mother about his homosexuality, his Mormon mother attempted to have sex with him in order to conclude if he was lying. He still feels disgusted when he recalls that moment, he claims.