August 2020

Marry a Japanese woman if you want your progeny to be patriotic – Franco Martin, Author of the ‘Sex Patriotism’

Franco Martin from Richmond, Virginia, is a sex-blogger, who brags that he can shoot his load at a pretty long distance . He says that he would have loved to take a part in one such contest where they compete for the distance of load-shooting, but he doesn’t want to show his real face.

One of the brothers of Franco is a Multi-Millionaire WWE fan who claims to have offered Charlotte Flair aka Ashley Fleihr -4 Million US Dollars to just spend one night with him but he is yet to hear from her.

Franco believes that patriots should fuck more and pop out more patriotic babies for the good of the country. He believes that Japan is the most patriotic nation on earth and advocates sex with Japanese women as a way to increase patriots in the United States of America.

Franco studies insects to improve his sex life and to reduce his refractory period after sex as he is always amazed at their energy and speed of flight right after fucking, which he believes is not possible for an average human male.

Franco claims to have struggled a lot in his career in the past. He says that he has concluded that the more you struggle in your career, the better you know how to keep your wife happy and fulfilled.

One of Franco’s good friends is a Muslim man with many wives. He always sides with the prettiest of them all whenever a fight between them takes place.

Franco writes that his all-time favourite pornstar is Emma Starr. He once hired her as his attorney due to his infatuation with her only to lose the case so badly. He says that he is never going to hire a pornstar attorney again.