July 2020

Blessed are the Japanese Men who get to have those Stunning Japanese Women to Suck their Dicks

Ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese-American gentleman living in Florida for the past 13 years now.

Ichiro is a part-time sex blogger. I really loved the poetry that he wrote on his blog last night, it reads:-

“Fat like a pig but prefers getting fucked the doggystyle,

I fuck the hoe like there’s no tomorrow,

I am always willing to go that extra mile.”

Ichiro writes on his blog that all business leaders that he is well-familiar with have boring sex lives regardless of their ethnicity, nationality and the rest of the factors.

Ichiro writes that the most expensive sex he ever had was with a Marathi actress in Goa for $10000. He says that it was nothing as close to an average Japanese Blowjob. He felt like that he wasted his money.

Ichiro claims that he lost his virginity to the most sexually experienced woman he met till date; She was a GILF.

Ichiro says that he has a huge crush on the Pakistani Former Pop Singer and Television Host – Rabi Pirzada. He wishes if she were only available as an escort in Lahore, Pakistan.

Ichiro received a lot hatred, mainly from the Pakistanis, when he claimed on one of his blog posts that Miss Pakistan 2013 – Shanzay Hayat is a high-class escort in Beverly Hills, who’s available for $20000 for 3 hours.

Ichiro worked for the Playboy Magazine for a while. He says it was truly an honour to be surrounded by so many gorgeous voluptuous young female models all the time.

Ichiro claims that all the female government officials that he ever met were dick hungry and almost the same was the case with the female doctors.

Escort Agencies and Brothels are scared of the Apps and Websites that make Meeting Sexy Women as easy as eating a burger

Harvey Maslin is a Texas Gentleman who believes the smarter a people are, the more they discuss sex, he likes to give example of prehistoric and ancient Egyptian texts being filled with talks of sex and sexuality to prove his point. He further adds that today nobody discusses sex openly as the West or Japan and that’s one of the foremost factors why these regions are so developed.

Harvey recently interviewed a man who is considered one of the greatest technician in the Pro-Wrestling world from the 1990s and early 2000s – William Regal, who told him that the reason why he could never become a huge success in the Pro-Wrestling world even after being such a marvellous and good-looking wrestler was the wrong advice that he received from somebody he respected and trusted a lot that if you stay a celibate, your wrestling prowess will increase multi-fold. He said yes it did increase his wrestling prowess but also brought in bad karma and luck for him which never let him succeed in the business.

One of Harvey Maslin’s very good friends is a Nevada Brothel owner who says that last year more clients paid through their cards at his brothel than in the entire history of cards and brothels combined. He also told Harvey that the brothel business has been going down for years, thanks to the websites that make it easy for the men to meet sexy women for free.

This Nevada Brothel owner believes that there should be global escort agency competitions held each year annually. He believes if some such competition takes place right now, the ladies who do only outcalls working with his brothel, will make his brothel the winner.