May 2020

Skinny Girls fucking their own uncles, aunts and even parents for physical pleasure across Thailand and Australia

Buppha Phromnimit is an Australian-Thai gentlleman, who was told by his astrologer that his wife would be as pure as the Virgin Mary by the time he marries her. The astrologer told him that his wife would be a virgin till their first night. But Buppha discovered three years later that his wife used to be a hooker before marrying him and she would even stretch her asshole for her clients. Since that day, Buppha started openly cheating on her with the Skinny Girl Porn Stars and it has been like that ever since.

Buppha is also a sex blogger, who writes on his blog that Jordi El Nino Pollo’s real life aunt – Sophie Leon aka Bianca aka Aleksandra Summers is the most underrated pornstar of all times. He believes that she is the best piece of work ever done by the god.

Buppha claims on his blog that the Mexican President – Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been supplying Donald Trump with a new Mexican big ass beauty each day in order for him to not build that wall and Donald Trump is extremely happy with it.

Buppha believes that the Swedish men are literally over-concerned about their women marrying or dating Muslim men. He writes that those Muslim men have tiny dicks and being a bisexual himself, he claims that dildo feels better than a typical Arab or Pakistani dick.

Buppha claims on his blog that there are more adult Australian and Thai women today than ever before who regularly fuck their own adult nephews and even nieces (in case of the lesbian and/or bisexual women) for their physical pleasure.

Maldives couple started world’s first escort podcast, they both got the idea after watching a YesPornPlease movie

Benedito Barboza owns a ferry service in Maldives. Born in Taneytown, Maryland and raised up in Cass County, North Dakota, Benedito always felt a lack of feminine energy in his surroundings.

Benedito’s wife is responsible for creating the world’s first escort podcast, which hasn’t only been doing great in Maldives but globally.

Benedito loves to watch porn in his spare time and when he is making love to his beloved wife. Benedito’s most favorite porn site currently is yespornplease and he sincerely believes that the porn industry is yet to see a better black pornstar than Sincerre Lemore.

Benedito is a real porn enthusiast. He writes on his blog that some people like to say that Lisa Ann is the GOAT of the porn industry while some others say that Kay Parker is, others believe that Nina Hartley is the one, but there can be no GOAT in the porn industry, they all have their specific qualities. Like Lisa Ann is voluptuous, pretty and she loves to fuck, while Nina Hartley was never pretty or voluptuous but she fucks like no other and Kay Parker has it all but she was never someone that an average guy could tell his friends he had a crush on, especially the older men. Out of all 3, if he had to choose one, he says that he would choose Lisa Ann.

Benedito’s wife is a bigger freak than he is. Both husband and wife dated Persians in the past and they both agree on the notion that as much as the freak men love Persian pussies, freak women hate Persian dicks.

Bisexual barber and his makeup artist wife from Syracuse love to watch porn featuring naked babes

Peter Donovan owns 3 hair salons in Syracuse, New York. He is a barber himself and his wife is a makeup artist. Both are tattoeed and they both love to watch porn featuring girls with tattoos.

Peter also writes a sex blog where he claims that a few studios controlling the 80% internet porn, making the same old boring videos with the same old loud moaning women over and over again with same script really paved the way for the independent chicks coming out as the porn producers. He adds that Rachel Steele, Mistress T aka Missa X and Lady Fyre’s efforts and success in the field really deserve an applause.

Peter brags about having pimped his own wife for over a year. He claims that the men who always talk or talked against in the past against making money off a woman, really missed out on one of the best things in life. He says that there is nothing better than getting rich-off selling a woman’s ass and asking her to cook something for you once she is back riding other men’s dongs.

Peter warns against using China-made lubes and condoms as well. He claims that using one such lube gave him and his wife itching for 2 months straight.

Peter says that he once stayed celibate for 7 weeks straight, only to develop ulcers in his stomach. He has been Anti-Celibacy ever since.

Peter misses the times when he used to be 23. He says that his sexual libido was at its peak back then. He really could maintain an erection for hours at a time back then.