Spokane Valley Industrial Engineer Spends Every Night With His Korean BBW Girlfriend

Gregor Kittell is an Industrial Engineer and Sex Blogger from Spokane Valley, Washington, who writes that those who claim that nothing is impossible if you try hard enough and the same applies to the flexible sex positions, are either blessed with flexible bodies with themselves or are lying. He adds also it could be that they themselves have a flexible body and they never met a person with too much of a stiff body. He further adds whatever the case may be, such people need to get their facts right. He clarifies that he doesn’t have any complain with such dead tantric teachers like Psalm Isadora, but he definitely has it with the likes of Seema Anand and Mantak Chia, whom people listen to all day without taking a grain of salt.

Once you start watching Korean Porn, you wait for the night to come if that’s when you jerk off, all day long.

Gregor Kittell

Gregor believes women masturbate as much watching Korean Porn Movie as the men do and the growing number of NoFap Discord Servers and Subreddits are the proof.

Gregor dated a Korean Bodybuilder who looked just like the Indian BBW Comedian – Bharti Singh. This Korean Bodybuilder girlfriend of Gregor used to masturbate a lot. She was an adherent believer of the Hindu Shrutis, which encourages masturbation a lot.

Governments across the globe should make it illegal for any marriage to cross 15 years. It is a scientifically proven fact that a man and a woman regardless of how attractive they are and how much they are in love with each other, cannot have a healthy and happy sexual life after 15 years of having it. This is one of the most unnatural thing that the human species, especially the religious ones have to go through.

Gregor Kittell

Masculine Men Fucking MILFs After Taking A Cold Shower In Asian Porn

Pasquale Pugliese from Philadelphia is a sex blogger and a sales executive, who proudly confesses that he is addicted to smelling women’s farts, especially the older ones. He says he didn’t get addicted to it unless he started smelling his own stepmom’s farts who is one hot BBW that eats like a pig and then farts all day all night long. His stepmom knows about it all and together they enjoy Asian Porn videos with stepmoms and slut stepsisters.

Pasquale’s stepmom loves motorcycles. She bought her first one with the money she earned with selling bras and panties house to house.

Pasquale regularly takes cold showers. Usually, his cold showers last 10 minutes. He says cold showers are how a man showers. He says cold showers make him so masculine. He doesn’t even shiver in them anymore. He says that he can understand someone taking a hot shower if they are sick, but otherwise, a cold shower seems to be the manly and natural way to shower.

Pasquale had a huge crush on one of the HR women at his office. She is a fat woman and most men in the office say she is ugly. Pasquale never confessed to any of the co-workers that he finds her hot. He had sex with her due to a bad coincidence though. He once had to pay his rent and he was out of the money. He went to this fat HR woman asking if he could borrow some money from her. She told her only on the condition that he has sex with her that very night. She didn’t have an idea that it was Pasquale’s dream. They both enjoyed each other all night long. He did her 5 times and has been waiting for another call ever since.

Politician Compliments Live Sex Cam Models For Roleplaying Hate Sex Better Than The Pornstars

Jania Tumey from Adams County, North Dakota, is an Aspiring Poltician, LGBTQ Rights Activist and a Sex Blogger, who believes there should be ‘Escort Awards’ in every nation.

Jania says any genuine sex blogger from the United States of America would agree that the non-fictional sex books are better in almost every aspect than the fictional sex books.

Back when Jania was a teenager, she remembers how any woman or even a female teenager who shared any resemblance to a popular Hollywood female star used to be so proud of it, but she is glad that things have changed. While performing on Sex Webcams Stripchat, she gets to see fellow female live sex cam models that share resemblance with the biggest of the Hollywood and other movie stars, but don’t even acknowledge and they are all so humble without any exception.

Jania says she can name at least 10 beautiful female authors that recently turned live sex webcam models.

Jania believes there is a lot of demand and scope for the revenge and hate sex in porno. The producers need to understand to do it better. They have been doing a poor job in making revenge and hate porn and it has been so for decades now.

Jania’s husbad believes in pheromones. He says whenever Jania gains weight, her pheromones increase too. That’s one reason why she cancelled her gym membership.

One of the friends of Jania works for Naughty America claims the major porn studios have a major plan to destroy the business of independent pornstars like Brianna Beach, Mindi Mink, Korina Kova, etc; She says these ladies have been giving Naughty America nightmares.

Writing Gay Novels with a Sikh FWB Sucking Your Dick With His Turban On = Heaven

Big Brain doesn’t always mean small dick.

Frederic Neau

Frederic Neau from Houston, Texas, is a gay sex blogger and playwright, who believes swallowing a few cloves of raw garlic along with some water before hitting the bed each night effectively treats medical conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. He claims to have told this to several of his old gay friends with erectile dysfunctions and the remedy worked like magic for each of those. Nowadays, these old guys are regularly found looking for gay men to fuck on https://singlescenedating.com/gay-hookup-sites/

Kink and leather go together like money and business.

Frederic Neau

Frederic owns one of the largest LGBTQ Discord servers and it is still growing faster than any other LGBTQ Discord servers.

Frederic is married to the brother of one of the most infamous Romanian Pornstars of all times – Sandra Romain. Unlike his sister, who is infamous for working in thousands of porn movies, he never decided to enter the porn industry although he has the face, the body, the sexual stamina and not to mention, a huge dick.

Semen Enema is the Best Enema.

Frederic Neau

Frederic claims Satsang is a completely new phenomena in the Indian Subcontinent; Before the Satsangs, there used to be SexSangs where they didn’t criticize or persecute same-sex sexual activities and gay-trains used to be a very common sight in those SexSangs.

Men with extreme agile bodies generally have very stiff dicks.

Frederic Neau

Frederic believes the surveys that claim homosexuals like to see themselves twice in the mirror as much on an average compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

Frederic writes after receiving Blowjobs from hundreds of different gay and bisexual men belonging to different races and nationalities, he has come to the conclusion that Russian and Italian men suck it the best followed by their Romanian Gypsy counterparts.

There was a time when Frederic used to write gay sex novels as a hobby and during that time, he used to have a Sikh Gay Friend with Benefits who was so dedicated to his religion that he used to keep wearing that turban when giving Frederic a head.

When at the age of 22, Frederic opened up to his mother about his homosexuality, his Mormon mother attempted to have sex with him in order to conclude if he was lying. He still feels disgusted when he recalls that moment, he claims.

Intelligent Delhi Woman has sex in over 60 different positions on Live XXX Cams

Duarte Abraham from Tampa, Florida, is a sex blogger, who believes you are not old unless you are interested in sex. He says any man or woman who has lost interest in sex regardless of their age ought to be considered old and vice versa. Hence, it goes without saying that all asexual men and women going by this logic are old hags.

Duarte remembers meeting and meating this yoga, law and theatre teacher in New Delhi, who could have sex in over 60 positions like a pro you never seen before. He recently learnt that she has been performing XXX Sex Shows lately, but he is not certain on which website.

Duarte gets jealous of random men dating hot women. He gives example of seeing a 5’3″ man with a 5’3-ish” woman. Woman was very good-looking – fuzzy haired dirty blonde Spanish chick. Man was also short but had great black hair. A Spanish guy who made it into half corm rows. Girl was cracking jokes and laughing and was generally having good time with the guy.

Duarte writes it is strange that some recognize their sexual prowess, likings and fetishes early while many others don’t until they hit their late-30s, 40s and even 50s.

Duarte cannot stop bragging about having written several fictional sex books.

Duarte has always believed that the sex addicts have the utmost respect for other sex addicts but unfortunately, the low hormone beta cuckold Beckys and Virgins don’t do the same.

Duarte writes it is another pity that there are those lucky few who get to have an anal sex with their partner as soon as they demand it and then there are those who never get to enjoy it.

Marry a Japanese woman if you want your progeny to be patriotic – Franco Martin, Author of the ‘Sex Patriotism’

Franco Martin from Richmond, Virginia, is a sex-blogger, who brags that he can shoot his load at a pretty long distance . He says that he would have loved to take a part in one such contest where they compete for the distance of load-shooting, but he doesn’t want to show his real face.

One of the brothers of Franco is a Multi-Millionaire WWE fan who claims to have offered Charlotte Flair aka Ashley Fleihr -4 Million US Dollars to just spend one night with him but he is yet to hear from her.

Franco believes that patriots should fuck more and pop out more patriotic babies for the good of the country. He believes that Japan is the most patriotic nation on earth and advocates sex with Japanese women as a way to increase patriots in the United States of America.

Franco studies insects to improve his sex life and to reduce his refractory period after sex as he is always amazed at their energy and speed of flight right after fucking, which he believes is not possible for an average human male.

Franco claims to have struggled a lot in his career in the past. He says that he has concluded that the more you struggle in your career, the better you know how to keep your wife happy and fulfilled.

One of Franco’s good friends is a Muslim man with many wives. He always sides with the prettiest of them all whenever a fight between them takes place.

Franco writes that his all-time favourite pornstar is Emma Starr. He once hired her as his attorney due to his infatuation with her only to lose the case so badly. He says that he is never going to hire a pornstar attorney again.

Blessed are the Japanese Men who get to have those Stunning Japanese Women to Suck their Dicks

Ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese-American gentleman living in Florida for the past 13 years now.

Ichiro is a part-time sex blogger. I really loved the poetry that he wrote on his blog last night, it reads:-

“Fat like a pig but prefers getting fucked the doggystyle,

I fuck the hoe like there’s no tomorrow,

I am always willing to go that extra mile.”

Ichiro writes on his blog that all business leaders that he is well-familiar with have boring sex lives regardless of their ethnicity, nationality and the rest of the factors.

Ichiro writes that the most expensive sex he ever had was with a Marathi actress in Goa for $10000. He says that it was nothing as close to an average Japanese Blowjob. He felt like that he wasted his money.

Ichiro claims that he lost his virginity to the most sexually experienced woman he met till date; She was a GILF.

Ichiro says that he has a huge crush on the Pakistani Former Pop Singer and Television Host – Rabi Pirzada. He wishes if she were only available as an escort in Lahore, Pakistan.

Ichiro received a lot hatred, mainly from the Pakistanis, when he claimed on one of his blog posts that Miss Pakistan 2013 – Shanzay Hayat is a high-class escort in Beverly Hills, who’s available for $20000 for 3 hours.

Ichiro worked for the Playboy Magazine for a while. He says it was truly an honour to be surrounded by so many gorgeous voluptuous young female models all the time.

Ichiro claims that all the female government officials that he ever met were dick hungry and almost the same was the case with the female doctors.

Escort Agencies and Brothels are scared of the Apps and Websites that make Meeting Sexy Women as easy as eating a burger

Harvey Maslin is a Texas Gentleman who believes the smarter a people are, the more they discuss sex, he likes to give example of prehistoric and ancient Egyptian texts being filled with talks of sex and sexuality to prove his point. He further adds that today nobody discusses sex openly as the West or Japan and that’s one of the foremost factors why these regions are so developed.

Harvey recently interviewed a man who is considered one of the greatest technician in the Pro-Wrestling world from the 1990s and early 2000s – William Regal, who told him that the reason why he could never become a huge success in the Pro-Wrestling world even after being such a marvellous and good-looking wrestler was the wrong advice that he received from somebody he respected and trusted a lot that if you stay a celibate, your wrestling prowess will increase multi-fold. He said yes it did increase his wrestling prowess but also brought in bad karma and luck for him which never let him succeed in the business.

One of Harvey Maslin’s very good friends is a Nevada Brothel owner who says that last year more clients paid through their cards at his brothel than in the entire history of cards and brothels combined. He also told Harvey that the brothel business has been going down for years, thanks to the websites that make it easy for the men to meet sexy women for free.

This Nevada Brothel owner believes that there should be global escort agency competitions held each year annually. He believes if some such competition takes place right now, the ladies who do only outcalls working with his brothel, will make his brothel the winner.

Skinny Girls fucking their own uncles, aunts and even parents for physical pleasure across Thailand and Australia

Buppha Phromnimit is an Australian-Thai gentlleman, who was told by his astrologer that his wife would be as pure as the Virgin Mary by the time he marries her. The astrologer told him that his wife would be a virgin till their first night. But Buppha discovered three years later that his wife used to be a hooker before marrying him and she would even stretch her asshole for her clients. Since that day, Buppha started openly cheating on her with the Skinny Girl Porn Stars and it has been like that ever since.

Buppha is also a sex blogger, who writes on his blog that Jordi El Nino Pollo’s real life aunt – Sophie Leon aka Bianca aka Aleksandra Summers is the most underrated pornstar of all times. He believes that she is the best piece of work ever done by the god.

Buppha claims on his blog that the Mexican President – Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been supplying Donald Trump with a new Mexican big ass beauty each day in order for him to not build that wall and Donald Trump is extremely happy with it.

Buppha believes that the Swedish men are literally over-concerned about their women marrying or dating Muslim men. He writes that those Muslim men have tiny dicks and being a bisexual himself, he claims that dildo feels better than a typical Arab or Pakistani dick.

Buppha claims on his blog that there are more adult Australian and Thai women today than ever before who regularly fuck their own adult nephews and even nieces (in case of the lesbian and/or bisexual women) for their physical pleasure.

Maldives couple started world’s first escort podcast, they both got the idea after watching a YesPornPlease movie

Benedito Barboza owns a ferry service in Maldives. Born in Taneytown, Maryland and raised up in Cass County, North Dakota, Benedito always felt a lack of feminine energy in his surroundings.

Benedito’s wife is responsible for creating the world’s first escort podcast, which hasn’t only been doing great in Maldives but globally.

Benedito loves to watch porn in his spare time and when he is making love to his beloved wife. Benedito’s most favorite porn site currently is yespornplease and he sincerely believes that the porn industry is yet to see a better black pornstar than Sincerre Lemore.

Benedito is a real porn enthusiast. He writes on his blog that some people like to say that Lisa Ann is the GOAT of the porn industry while some others say that Kay Parker is, others believe that Nina Hartley is the one, but there can be no GOAT in the porn industry, they all have their specific qualities. Like Lisa Ann is voluptuous, pretty and she loves to fuck, while Nina Hartley was never pretty or voluptuous but she fucks like no other and Kay Parker has it all but she was never someone that an average guy could tell his friends he had a crush on, especially the older men. Out of all 3, if he had to choose one, he says that he would choose Lisa Ann.

Benedito’s wife is a bigger freak than he is. Both husband and wife dated Persians in the past and they both agree on the notion that as much as the freak men love Persian pussies, freak women hate Persian dicks.